Promoting a LL catgory for a dialect


Promoting a LL catgory for a dialect

We're doing work in Konkani, with its (but smaller) Wikipedia at Under Konkani, there are dialects spoken, the enunciation of one tends to be different from another.

Would like to generate a category for Saxtti (the Salcete dialect of Konkani). This will ensure that indication do not get overwritten by some other dialects. Also, it could permit the tracks of many others that might have been done in Konkani as a how.

Hello and thanks for visiting Lingua Libre. I brought in Goan Konkani (Q700683) (gom) since it was not on Lingua Libre but. On Lingua Libre, dialects is handled in the same way as dialects. Possible build kupon blued a feature to suit your dialect on Wikidata (sample for auvergnat dialect) and inform us once it's ready, to ensure that we can transfer they on Lingua Libre with an admin device. You may right build an element to suit your dialect on Lingua Libre, after the strategies described at let:Add a brand new language and taking exemplory case of Auvernhat dialect (Q1186). Don't hesitate to ping an admin when you have any queries. All the best - WikiLucas (?Y–‹i??) , (UTC) A« you will find several dialects talked, the enunciation of just one is generally distinctive from additional. [...] this may ensure that readings aren't getting overwritten by some other dialects. A» If the writing were similar but precisely the pronunciation is different according to where audio speaker comes from, it appears to be like various accents. Which means me personally record in French your message "bonjour" will be one audio document on Lili. WikiLucas can report in French alike term "bonjour", it will probably write an other sound file on Lili. My recording(s), since I have result from the south-west, will bring the south feature. Tracks by WikiLucas, who life 700km eastern of myself, will cary the Lyon region feature. Lingualibre will put 2 tracks, one per individual. Yug (chat) , (UTC) Hello Fredericknoronha, i've brought in Salcete Konkani (Q701734) to be able to now record phrase in that dialect. Pamputt (talk) , (UTC)

Feedback about Lingua Libre by Professor Carol Genetti, PhD

Precious Members of Lingua Libre, Im very happy to promote a message from Professor Carol Genetti, a linguist and top professional in put at risk languages. Professor Genetti try composer of one of the better publications in the area of Linguistics called "How Languages Work". The lady big experience and knowledge are extremely useful and after reviewing Lingua Libre she stated:

Thank-you for calling me and enabling me understand this effort. Its an interesting concept. We especially like the multilingual menus -- beneficial.

Are you aware of this site, managed by the institution of Hawaii (and, i really believe, financed by yahoo). Very something that occurs if you ask me could be the proliferation of such internet. How will folks in an endangered-language area find out about their particular options, after which render an educated preference about which of those online resources should be best eventually due to their forums? Should such attempts cross-reference both?

Recordings were certain to a term, a words and a presenter

My personal second idea is because of durability. It will require an important commitment to support a site similar to this as time passes. The challenge is having someone who can keep this type of internet sites funded, functioning, planned, relevant, and engaging people over the years. How will you make sure the information are going to be in 10, 50, 150 many years? Maybe you get that immediately when you're of Wikipedia. If yes, state that. Furthermore, there ought to be a very clear statement of exactly how this type of facts might be utilized, and also by whom, very speakers understand that should they tape a wordlist, anyone would use if for most factor without their own permission (would be that right?). I'm sorry to need to deliver a down-to-earth information towards the inspiration and desire for endangered languages that has clearly powered this work, but creating observed different initiatives stumble this way, i needed to be sure that you will be contemplating this. Speakers is going to be entrusting these important items of their physical lives and their countries. How will you safeguard this in time? Allowed anyone understand. Those problems aside, listed below are multiple some other commentary: